Who are we?

We're a small East Kent Hospitality Social Media Managers who are tired of big corporate agencies who promise the earth and do not deliver.

There will be boots on the ground able to create exciting content for your Instagram and Facebook pages.  

We're unlike any other agency you've known and we will be interested in every aspect of your business to identify the perfect image for your restaurant. We take pride in our work and we will be your voice and presence on social media.

Some social media marketing agencies are only online based. 

We're not!

We serve the whole of Kent and we will be in your restaurant to create beautiful media content which we will then use, along with relevant and catchy captions, to organically promote your business.


Organic is the way

We strongly believe organic growth is the way to go! 


We will identify the audience relevant your business and help you grow interactions which will gain you more reach and increase loyal followers.

No bots involved. 

Loyal followers = Best followers


Brand and Business Consulting